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Startup Pirates is an entrepreneurial trial for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating a worldwide community of ultimate changemakers willing to share, learn and grow together.

Why join the navy... if you can be a Pirate?

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  • Info calendar

    September 14th  to 21st, 2013

  • Info location

    STARTER – Gdansk, Leborska 3B

  • Info languages

    Presentations and work in English.

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After the event…

“Why join the navy…if you can be a pirate!”, pirates in XXI century .

Why be polite when you can be sinner. Why analyze when you can be spontaneous. Why wait when you can work. Why sit at home when you can acquire new lands … PIRATE. Of course: it can be a road or a computer pirate. But were not going to talk about such pirates this time.

Today, we will talk about pirates such as Jack Sparrow, who seduce us and make us wonder: „how it would be to live like Jack Sparrow… ahhh…”. Today we will talk about pirates, to whom one sighs… Corsairs, sea robbers. Nowadays no one associates them badly. Even if they can be dangerous and – let’s face it: they attack! But they are at the same time witty and heartily, just “our” type of guys! The etymology of the word pirate comes from the Greek word „pejrates” and the older „lejstes”. Both described thieves and robbers and appeared even in Homer (no, not the one from Simpson, the one that wrote Iliad and Odyssey). We will leave insightful analyzes and recommend looking into encyclopedia for further etymological search… For it is important just that PIRATES are funny and shrewd!



September brought a great opportunity to meet precisely such pirates, have fun with them, but most importantly to look at how they are doing businesses. Yes! Because that’s what Startup Pirates @ Gdańsk was all about: making business! During the program, that took place in incubator Starter in Gdańsk, nearly 30 people in one place and during one time decided to swim against the tides and become Pirates. Startup Pirates. Maybe not permanently, just for a week, but with passion and enthusiasm and with a lot of energy!

"The impact of this event is massive! A new community was born and I was inspired to change some things in my life.” – said one of the participants of Startup Pirates @ Gdańsk.

7 days is not that much, but for those who have courage and who pave the way, it is enough to enter new business trails. And how did it look like?

Marcin BoreckiAfter the event, one of the mentors Marcin Borecki (by the way the owner of several businesses and regular Silicon Valley visitor) patted the organizer’s pirate back: "I will always be cheering for all the events and meetings or however we will call them that promote entrepreneurship, build a safety cushion, on which can poor idea fall and bounce off to evolve in another, better one.” It is the essence of startup events – and the best summary of Startup Pirates @ Gdańsk. Because in addition to pillows, on which can young – or future – entrepreneurs lay (also literally), in addition to the atmosphere of acceptance and willingness to analyze the ideas, both participants and mentors had also … just a lot of laughter. Say what? Business is a serious matter? Of course, even very serious, but the business can be learned in a relaxed (sometimes very casual) atmosphere. And it works!

One week, 30 participants, 15 workshops, 30 mentors, 10 investors, more than 30 prizes, dozens of eaten pizzas, hundreds of drunken coffees and countless smiles and tears of joy. In addition to that, two parties, cruise on a Pirate ship and 24 hours long hackathon.

That is a short summary of Startup Pirates @ Gdańsk. We admire the determination of participants. Sentence we heard all the time: Be brave, be crazy, be a Pirate! Indeed, was not spoken idly. Congratulations to winners: Kalefixy, Clicktrans.pl, Smart Rental System and all of the participants, that joined us in this amazing event. There are some rumors that another edition is coming next year… we are waiting impatiently. At the end, we will just quote a sentence Steve Jobs once said: “why join the navy…if you can be a pirate!”. In these circumstances, the words of Steve acquire a completely different dimension. I see no other way. I’m becoming a Pirate!

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Brace yourself, Startup Pirates is in town

We are happy to announce the launch of Startup Pirates @ Gdańsk.

After weeks of waiting and after receiving lots of emails and feedback we are now prepared to have our first event in Gdańsk. We are excited to help spread an entrepreneurship culture in Poland. For 200 PLN you will have access to experienced mentors and talented entrepreneurs, you’ll receive the right tools and frameworks and we’ll guide you in the first steps of the process of creating a startup.

Join us in September 14th  to 21st, 2013.

Be brave, be crazy, be a Pirate!

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